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Mar. 6th, 2017 05:28 pm
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WEEK ONE Feb 26th, 2017 - March 5th, 2017
Some feline behavioral traits.
Enhanced senses - beginning with hearing, which means that Noctis is going to be even grumpier. His whiskers grow in a little bit, but are visible in Week Two.
Restlessness, constant desire for new experiences and intellectual stimulation. Noctis won't realize this is his feelings, however, thinking more that he's simply feeling longing for home.
WEEK TWO March 6th, 2017 - March 12th, 2017
Primary form consisting of a feline body, a humanoid face, and optionally a pair of wings. Primary form typically lion-sized but can be smaller or larger. At this point, Noctis is covered in fur and has begun to have growing pains. He'll be hiding away. He'll also be shedding his clothes once fur covers those parts, but be very sensitive. Mostly because he is a nervous trans boy and also he doesn't want to ruin his clothes, his father would be mad.
Preference for heat and aversion to cold.
More feline behavioral traits - he seems to be more cat then man. He doesn't want to scratch things up, though.
Enhanced senses - at this point, Noctis' eyes have shifted to be cat-like - being able to dilate his pupils and also see better at night.
WEEK THREE March 13th 2017 - March 19th, 2017
Primary form consisting of a feline body, a humanoid face, and optionally a pair of wings. Primary form typically lion-sized but can be smaller or larger. The growing continues though this week, only really ending during Week Four.
Ability to temporarily confuse a target’s senses by making eye contact or using a vocal spell. AKA Noctis learns Chatter and/or Swagger.
WEEK FOUR March 20th, 2017 - March 26th, 2017
Finally, he's fully grown.
A snake- or scorpion-like tail, growing during the week. It doesn't seem sentient, but it is - attacking people Noctis doesn't want near him.
His wings begin to grow this week as well.
WEEK FIVE March 27th - April 2nd
With practice, can hypnotize targets with enchanted riddles that consume their attention and cause them to believe whatever they are told. Once coined, the riddle may be written down in the sphinx’s own hand and have a similar effect upon a viewer without needing to be spoken aloud.
His wings have finished growing by the end of this week. Once they've finished, he loses his warping abilities - but he's barely been using them.
WEEK SIX April 3rd - April 9th.
A glamour affecting the sphinx’s body that allows the sphinx to appear to viewers as whatever they please. This glamour only affects vision, and cannot disguise the sphinx’s scent or physical presence (if someone touches the sphinx, sphinx knocks something over, etc). This ability is tiring, however, and Noctis is very tired. He'd only use it to glamour himself as man, if he needed to go out in public.
EXTRA Changes not related to time.
Blood Magic - eventually, Noctis will commit enough to gain a gijinka form, but refuse to do it more. He doesn't want to kill people, simply influence them.
If Noctis undergoes training, he can re-learn to Warp Strike - adapted with magic.
His ability to talk to Pokemon isn't magical.
At some time, I hope Noctis becomes territorial and claims somewhere as his territory, because he is a lion-like cat.
LINKS Art and other things.
Full form.
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Player Name: Kururu
Player Contact: [personal profile] kururu

Character Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Character Account: [personal profile] n_octis
Character Canon: Final Fantasy XV AU
Character History: So in this world, everything keeps being 'eaten' by the Worldeater. Universes vanish, and their energy is given to the Worldeater. (Which is Ghetsis who made a wish on Jirachi to own it all. And also Ghis took some control at a point.) And so, the Gods of the world want to fight back, and have found worlds tend to survive longer if they follow the canon stories. So, they placed in people from another world into the canon story, using what remained of their worlds. At least one of them likes irony, because they decided to choose the FF15 crew to become Team Plasma in this world - hoping that they can follow the story of Black/White while gaining their own power to destroy the Worldeater, or at least make a safe world for those who've failed.

And that's when Noctis was born, to play the part of N. But his father - King Regis - could not be as cruel as Ghetsis is - even if he is aware of the situation. Noctis was raised away from humans, however, so that he could learn to understand the heart of Pokemon - but he was never abused. However, when he was young, he was still attacked by a beast...

Genesect. Other Plasma - working rogue from their King - created the beast, and it nearly killed their Lord. Nearly ended the world. And so, they were kicked out and their Lord became more reserved and willingly never went out to people. He was taught of the Heroes of Truth and Ideals, and grew to his current age, growing close to the Shadow Triad of this world. In this world, his mother is alive - and a Hydreigon, so he learned Poke-speak from her, along with basic magic - from stories which were just memories of fallen worlds. When Noctis was around 6, he also began to transition to male. (Yes, this Noctis is a trans boy. All the Chocobros are trans boys in this world. Blame the Gods.)

Three years before he set out, however, those Shadow Triad (Ignis, Gladio, and their companion Zoroark) went to Alola. This is important, because it's where they found a Togepi who seemed to be abused as their honeymoon turned into an adventure with the Aether Foundation. This Togepi actually was another who had the soul of one who had long faded - Stella Nox Fleuret, the Deleted. She had been 'deleted' from the world of Eos, but found herself fighting to survive. And so, she began to follow the Triad - training to become a Togekiss so that she could assist those who wanted the world to exist. And perhaps they'd recall her.

She became an actual member of Team Plasma, working in the shadows and being unknown to Noctis. It's around this time they also met and recruited the Prompto of this world, who was also created due to Aether Foundation Mess.

When Noctis reached 20, it was time. His father knew that they needed to begin - even if there was worry that the boy wasn't ready. The Worldeater approached, and so Noctis would need to take his role as N at this point. Stella was finally introduced to him as his starter, now a Togekiss.

However, as he began, he met with an odd man called Alleos (who is actually a literal starchild - a Deoxys son of Ardyn and Basch) - both before and after he was given his first badge by Ignis and Gladio. (They run the Striaton Cafe at times, okay.) Him and Prompto snuck away to the Dreamyard where Alleos was, and accidently tore a hole in reality due to a scared Musharna. And this is where he enters this musebox.

Character Personality:

From first appearances, you might think Noctis is nice and cool and all that. And sure, he tries. He tries to act like the King of Team Plasma should, but it's all an act. Below that facade, Noctis is an introverted nerd who is afraid of what may happen as the King of Truth or Ideals. (He has no clue which he is to be, but tries to live his life to both the truth of matters and to his ideals. Even if his family clouds said truth - not speaking of the Worldeater or many worlds.) He is the sort of man who desires to help people, even if he spends most of his time napping.

Oh, does he love his naps. He sleeps a lot because he is tired from lasting injuries and also the pressure he's under. Being a spoiled man also helps with it - he was raised without needing to do anything but become the best Hero he could. A lot of his persona is based on heroes he read about, after all. But as a bit of a slacker, he doesn't even train his own Pokemon or battle. Noctis claims it's because he is to liberate Pokemon, not capture them in Pokeballs - but it's more that he can sit back (sometimes on Stella) and watch Prompto fight in his place. Though he does like to help people, he will complain about having to do hard work. That's what Plasma is for.

But Noctis has a good heart. Unlike canon, his family lives and he can return to them at any point - and will, after a bit of an incident in Wellspring Cave where he accidently hurts people far too much when they kidnapped some Pokemon. He has a small circle of friends he trusts and loves, and that's okay with him. After all, he's an introvert and would rather be with just his Pokemon and friends at times, playing Moemon. (In his universe, Moemon is a series of games with gijinka which fill the role of the Pokemon games in our world.)

Also, he has a follow-along Togekiss. This Togekiss is strong-willed and actually can speak Common and shift to be a gijinka, but is playing her role and pretending not to have those abilities. Her duty is to lead Noctis (and Prompto) to awaken one of the Dragons. And selfishly, she wants to replace Lunafreya (the 8th Gym Leader, and the one who replaced her in canon) with her abilities. She's lonely and scared she'll be forgotten, and so holds her heart and emotions close. And willingly works as the steed of her Trainer, so that she can just... be remembered.

Monster Assignment: RNG.
Monster Opt-Outs: Arachne, Celestial, Gryphon, Troll, Undead, Unicorn


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